This poem is for my first grandchild, Malcolm MacDonald and for all the children
who would say this to their parents if they could.

I learn when you teach me
I learn when you play with me
I learn when we catch each other on the run,

I learn what you want when you teach me
I learn what I want when I play
I learn what we both want when we play together,

I learn least when you do what I cannot do
I learn most when you act like me
I learn best when we do it together,

The more adult you act, the less I'll learn
The more you act like me, the more I'll learn
The more we act like each other, the more I'll become like you,

Believe it or not, I'm learning all the time
So just respond to the little things I do
And I'll learn more and more,

If I fail with you, I'll stay away
If I stay away, I won't learn much
Let me succeed with you, and I'll learn every time,

You are in such a hurry for me to learn
But I just have to take my time
So, wait for me and I'll do a lot,

I can learn a lot on my own
But to communicate, I need to learn with you
Show me how to be a person not just a student,

I wish you believed you were my best school
I will learn most from you
Let's make our life together the best school,

Mom, and Dad, I'm learning all the time
I don't want to do it on my own
Join in what I'm doing and I'll learn more than you expect,

The more you pay attention to me the more I'll learn
If I do things you do not want, ignore me
Then I'll learn what not to do,

My world is one of actions and sensations
Your world is one of thoughts and words
Only when you enter my world can I get into yours,

Mom and Dad, it's like we live on a staircase
You are way up there and I am way down here
Please come down and do things I can do,

I know you want me to learn new things
So just show me as we play the old things
I'll learn the new when I'm successful doing the old,

I can't learn the impossible
So, give me something possible to do
And I'll please you every time,

Mom and dad
Only you can help me best
Come into my world first, then I'll come into yours.