Autism is globally, the fastest growing serious developmental disorder. Creating awareness on Autism is crucial, and family support groups, early intervention, classroom and one on one teaching using Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and Picture Exchange Communication System (PECs) are some of the support and/or services that can assist people with Autism reach their highest potential.

On December 18th, 2007, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution 62/139 tabled by the state of Qatar, which declared April 2nd World Autism Awareness Day.

Walk for Autism (WFA) is an annual event held globally in the month of April. The Walk is not limited to Kota Kinabalu, but to all towns/districts of Sabah. It is open not only to parents and persons with autism, but to the public in general including all schools, universities and colleges, government and non- government organisations and all interested individuals and groups.

We organised our first WFA Sabah in 2014, which saw more than 1,500 walkers showing their support and empathy.

The objectives of the Walk are as follows:

  • To create awareness and acceptance on Autism Spectrum Disorder;
  • To create an avenue for families of individuals with Autism to network and seek support;
  • To create an entity to fund education and research on Autism in Sabah.