Individuals with Autism usually exhibit at least half of the traits listed below.

These symptoms can range from mild to severe and vary in intensity from symptom to symptom.

Additionally, the behaviour usually occurs across many different situations and is consistently inappropriate for their age.

Difficulty in Mixing with Other Children
Insistence on Sameness; Resists Changes in Routine
Inappropriate Laughing and Giggling
Unaware of Surroundings
Little or No Eye Contact
Sustained Odd Play
Apparent Insensitivity to Pain
Echolalia (Repeating Words or Phrases in Place of Normal Language)
Prefers To Be Alone; Aloof Manner
May Not Want Cuddling or Act Cuddly
Spins Objects
Not Responsive to Verbal Cues; Acts As Deaf
Inappropriate Attachment to Objects
Difficulty in Expressing Needs; Uses Gestures or Pointing Instead of Words
Noticeable Physical Overactivity or Extreme Underactivity
Tantrums - Displays Extreme Distress For No Apparent Reason
Unresponsive to Normal Teaching Methods
Uneven Gross / Fine Motor Skills (May Not Want to Kick Ball But Can Stack Blocks)