Empowering Teachers & Trainers Workshop 2019
Understanding Children with Disabilities

23 to 26 March 2019 (Four Days)
Lintas Platinum Hotel, Kota Kinabalu

Day 1, 23 March 2019

  • How to Identify a Child with Disabilities or Learning Challenges in a Classroom by Dr. Ho Siang Boon
  • To Comprehend Various Services that are available in Sabah for Children with Disabilities by Mr. Jeffery Sarikul
  • The Convention of The Rights of a Child by Ms. Ponniya Irham
  • Disability Awareness Training by Mr. Fariz Hj Abd Rani

Day 2, 24 March 2019

  • Disability Equality Training by Mr. Fariz Hj Abd Rani

Day 3, 25 March 2019

  • Differentiated Instruction for Inclusive Classrooms by Dr. Daniel Leong
  • Occupational Therapy Sensory Motor Exercise at Home or School by Ms. June Kuo
  • Physiotherapy at Home or School by Ms. Vivienne Yong
  • Music Therapy by Ms. Preet Kalsi
  • Communication and Speech Therapy by Ms. Amelia Inbam
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) for Teachers and Educators by Ms. Shirley Hunggim

Day 4, 26 March 2019

  • Understanding ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) by Ms. Prudence Lingham
  • Play and Expressive Art in Children Counselling by Ms. Meta Melanie Godfrey